Award Selection Process

Some might wonder how we arrive at our finalists and ultimate winner for the Superintendent of the Year and Technician of the Year awards.  Here you go:

We have a panel of 10-12 judges from a wide cross-section of the turf industry, including TurfNet personnel and those of the sponsoring company. John Reitman prescreens the nomination letters and culls them down to the 30 best candidates. (As with resumes for a job opening, some are easily discarded, particularly those with a one-sentence paragraph or scant detail supporting the nomination.) He then assembles the nomination letters into a PDF that is disseminated to all judges.

We read them all, individually. Greater depth and detail carries much more weight with the judges than a large number of superficial nominations. Potential contenders are set aside for a second reading.

300_headerBeyond the initial culling process, selection is not easy. Nominees may have a lifetime of service to a particular club or the industry, or have dealt with a particular emergency or calamity during the year.  They may push the agronomic envelope with an unlimited budget, or create great playing conditions with the fewest resources. Nominations might be made for efforts made educating and advancing the careers of colleagues, assistants and staff, growing the game, or for exemplary budget or project management. All good and worthy of consideration.

Each judge arrives at their own prioritized “top five” and submits their ordered list to John Reitman, who assigns six points to each #1 position, five for each #2 position, and so on.  The five with the highest point totals are the finalists; the individual with the highest total number of points is the winner.

So that’s it: a very simple, democratic process.