Brandt, Grigg and Brandt iHammer: A one-stop fertility shop


With three brands under one roof, Brandt, Grigg and Brandt iHammer present GIS attendees with one-stop shopping for turf nutrition, adjuvants, pond dyes, turf colorants, utility products and bio-pesticides.

Rhizonify is a specialty fertilizer from Grigg designed to enhances a plant’s ability to utilize nutrients and water.

With 6 percent total nitrogen, Rhizonify contains an adjuvant that improves nutrient placement and uniform wetting in challenging soil conditions.

It includes readily available plant nutrients plus reactive non-plant food ingredients, including: fulvic and humic acid, plant sugars, amino and organic acids to enhance and stimulate the rhizosphere. Because it includes an adjuvant, it also can help manage and promote recovery from localized dry spot.

Finally, Rhizonify also promotes root growth and recovery from environmental stress, disease or insect damage.

On the other side of booth 6113, Megalex is the cornerstone of the Brandt iHammer portfolio that originally was developed by former superintendent Mike McBride.

It provides a stable source of nitrogen that resists binding in the soil. It is compatible with most fertilizers, pesticides and adjuvants and stays suspended in the tank mix for easy application. Megalex also enhances turf vigor and visual quality and can be used in full sun or full shade environments.

Grigg has a long history in the turf market and offers a line of foliar and granular fertilizers, soil amendments and colorants.

Developed by former superintendent Mike McBride, Brandt iHammmer is a line of foliar fertilizers for the turf industry.